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Second Lieutenant James Denton Lee

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Sarah Hannah, daughter of Thomas Edward and Nanney Denton, of Halifax,

died 14th Sept 1861, aged 14 months.

Also Mary Jane, their daughter, died 7th June 1862, aged 2 years and 7 months.

Also James, their son, died Dec 1870, aged 8 years and 3 months.

Also Thomas Edward, their son, died 10th Feb. 1874, aged 9 months.

Also John Edward, their son, died 25th Aug 1875, aged 8 months.

Also the above Thomas Edward Denton, died 28th Feb 1885, aged 52 years.

Also Nanney, wife of above Thomas Edward Denton, who died 28th February 1895 aged 52 years

Also Nanny the wife of the above Thomas Edward Denton, who died 19h May 1903, aged 66 years.

Also in loving memory of William Lee, son-in-law of the above Thomas Edward and Nanney Denton,

born 22nd February 1863, at rest 19th October 1898.

Also 2nd Lieut. James Denton Lee, only son of the above William and Mary Lee, who died of

wounds received in France, January 22nd 1918, aged 27 years.

Peace, perfect peace.

Mary Lee, 1868 - 1950, wife of William Lee, and perfect mother of Lieut. J.D. Lee.

Happily re-united.

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James Debton Lee was born in 1890 into a greengrocer’s family near Northgate, Halifax, and had a younger sister, Kate.  


His father, William died in 1898, leaving his widowed mother with no alternative but to seek work where she could. Obtaining a position as a Foster Mother with the Sheffield Union Cottage Homes necessitated her putting her own two children into the Crossley Orphanage. The 1901 census shows James Denton Lee, aged 11, as a Resident Scholar in the Orphanage.


At one time James lived at Blackpool with his mother, and in 1908 he joined the Lancaster Yeomanry (like the TA). In 1911 he was a commercial clerk living at Birkenhead. On the outbreak of War, he obtained a commission with the Manchester Regiment, before proceeding to Gallipoli; later he served in France, where he was badly wounded. Brought back to the UK, he died of his wounds in hospital at Leith, near Edinburgh, on 22nd January 1918. He was brought back to Halifax to be buried in the family plot, grave 1645 at Lister Lane Cemetery on 25th January 1915.